A Big Thank You!

Great Malvern: Route to the Hills would not be possible without the support of its dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Many people are unaware of their tireless contribution, as much of what they do involves working behind the scenes, but their work is vital to achieving the goals the project has set itself.

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We are lucky to have volunteers sharing their expertise and knowledge with us in three different ways; as representatives of the project management board, as contributors to planned activities, and as skilled individuals who assist with the day to day delivery of the project. Since December 2015 we have had 10 new volunteers assist us with tasks such as research, photography and digital communications. As the project develops the roles we need support with will increase and diversify, and we will be continuing to recruit for new volunteers throughout the delivery of this unique project.

As Volunteer Week is fast approaching (1st to the 12th June 2016), the staff at Route to the Hills would like to take the time to introduce some of its volunteers and celebrate some of their achievements to date, so that we can give you an insight into their everyday life as a volunteer. To do this we will be posting biographies, role descriptions and videos of some of our current volunteers onto our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Likewise we will be updating our ‘Get Involved’ page to give you a taste of some new volunteering opportunities which will be coming to Malvern over the summer period. So keep an eye on our social media at the beginning of June to have an exclusive look into life as a Route to the Hills volunteer!

If you would like to learn more, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Katy Wade, the Learning and Community Engagement Officer via email (katy.wade@malvernhills.gov.uk) or via phone (07779456448).