Let the Dramatics Begin!

Reported by Simon Berry

Perfect Circle in talks with members of Clarence Park

Perfect Circle in talks with members of Clarence Park

Malvern theatre group Perfect Circle is working closely with the Route to the Hills project.   Perfect Circle Theatre Company, which is run by Lee and Claire Farley, is a leading local youth organisation.   The company is creating a piece of community drama based on Malvern and its history to take place in July 2017.   The aim is to work with local residents and volunteers to research and produce the show, which will raise awareness of Malvern’s history.  

Lee and Claire have already been busy working closely with a number of diverse groups to listen to stories from local people and research the history of Great Malvern.   The aim is for these groups to contribute to and participate in the drama production in the summer of 2017. 

Contributions currently in progress include the following:

  • Fascinating memories of life in Malvern from the residents of Clarence Park

  • Performance poetry from spoken word poets

  • A drama performance from the pupils of Northleigh Primary School

  • Drama from the young people of Perfect Circle Theatre Group

  • A historical and heritage contribution from Malvern Theatre Players

Several other possible contributors are being considered, including visual art work from Cube group “Garage Arts”, youth involvement from members of Tribe and possible music contributions. Contributions from the Pickersleigh community would be particularly welcomed.   If you have something to offer and would like to be involved, please email: katy.wade@malvernhills.gov.uk

Meanwhile if you are interested in the history and heritage of Malvern and enjoy live theatre, you may wish to make a note of the dates 14th and 15th July 2017.  This unique production is likely to be an enjoyable and memorable event.