The Studs of Malvern

You may have noticed some of the route's new features being installed recently around the town. One of the project's volunteers - Simon Berry - undertook a mission to find and locate some of the new interpretation, in particular the small ground studs. Read below for his account of his exploration through the town to find them!


"Walking around Great Malvern is generally a pleasant experience.  On this particular December afternoon it was cool and dry with bright blue skies.  It was perfect weather for enjoying the distinguished and interesting buildings and admiring the hills which overlook the town.   However, today was not a day for gazing at the hills. I was keeping my eyes fixed firmly on the street, particularly the pavements... 

I had heard that Route to the Hills had recently arranged for a series of studs to be embedded into the pavements of the route, showing pictures relating to the history of Great Malvern.  My plan was to walk the route and spot all the different studs.   I was prepared, having found pictures of the various studs on the Route to the Hills website.  Carrying my pen and a copy of the informative booklet: Great Malvern An unusually excellent guide for curious explorers I set off from Great Malvern Station to walk the route and spot these mysterious pictures.

Walking up Avenue Road, I was soon in luck.  In great excitement I stopped abruptly on the pavement, narrowly avoiding colliding with two elderly walkers and a man with his dog.  After apologising profusely I eagerly began ticking off the pictures in the guide book.  Before long I had seen a Toposcope and a Nightingale (well at least pictures of them both) and was now immune from curious stares from passers-by.

Into a near empty Priory Park I anticipated peace and quiet.  It was almost empty of people.  However, the park was full of noisy pigeons, quacking ducks and lively squirrels.  I kept my eyes fixed to the ground and whichever way I passed the Malvern Theatres I was rewarded with more sightings of the studs, which I enthusiastically ticked off in my book.  As I climbed towards the top of the park I enjoyed a glorious view over the theatres to the Abbey Hotel with the hills above everything.  However, it was soon back to business, travelling through the grounds of Great Malvern Priory and onto Belle Vue Terrace.  The studs included a variety of symbols representing  amongst other things Morgan cars, Lea and Perrins Sauce and Gas Lamps.   

I arrived at the top of Belle Vue Terrace and walked to Rose bank Gardens to read the last of the Route to the Hills plaques and check my booklet.

It had been a pleasant and reasonably energetic walk and I had found most of the studs, apart from the Astrolabe and the Radar Dish.   The 99 steps to St. Ann’s Well awaited at the top of Rose bank Gardens but I thought today had been lively enough. Perhaps next time….