A Creative Spring

To celebrate the ground studs which are to be installed over the next few months, Route to the Hills has been encouraging local children to get creative using the stud designs to create unique pieces of artwork.

In total 50 studs will be placed in various locations across Great Malvern, which will direct visitors around the route, and will each represent a story or moment from Malvern’s history. From the famous Morgan Car to the not so famous astrolabes that Prior Walcher used, all of the project’s five historical themes will be showcased in 20 beautiful images designed by illustrator Chichi Parish. We turned ten of these studs into  stamps, which we encouraged children to use in several activities around the Easter holidays.

Malvern Flowers: As part of the Town Council’s St George’s Heritage Festival we gave parents and children ten riddles and questions about Malvern’s history that they had to solve to make their very own ‘Malvern Rose’. The answer to each riddle was represented by one of the stamps, with participants getting to choose either the easy or difficult questions (most went for the more difficult set!). For each question they got right, they were to use the stamp on one of the ten petals of the Malvern Rose, encouraging it to bloom! The children could then take home their roses, with many saying they wished to take into to school for show and tell.

Easter Decorations: Another of our activities took place at Fortis Living’s annual Eggstravaganza. Using the stamps the children made their own Easter decorations, with ribbon, coloured paper and colouring pencils used in addition to liven them up! We had 20 children take part, with the owl stamp in particular being a favourite amongst the girls!

Keep an eye on our events page over the next few months to make sure you don’t miss any of the summer activities we are currently planning!