Take a seat on a piece of the past

Have you spotted anything new around town recently? Next time you you pop over to Church Street, or take a stroll in Rose Bank Gardens, we challenge you to spot our five new benches that have recently been installed.

Each bench has a unique bench-end which depicts a story or legend linked to Malvern’s history. Designs includethe following;

  • The goat legs and cloven hooves of Mr Tumnus from the Chronicles of Narnia (a reference to Malvern providing the inspiration for CS Lewis’ much-loved children’s books)
  • Florence Nightingale’s beloved cat and writing implements (Florence took the waters several times in Malvern and owned over 60 cats throughout her life)
  •  The wheel of a Morgan car (The first Morgan Factory opened in 1905 on Chestnut Villa in Malvern Link)
  • The shield and axe of Caractacus  (An ancient British chieftain who according to folklore made his last stand at British Camp. The legend inspired Elgar to write his Caractacus Cantata)
  • The head of a donkey (donkeys use to carry patients up the hills)

The benches can be found in Priory Park, Lyttleton Well, Rose Bank Gardens, outside the Post Office and on Belle Vue Island. A small plaque will be fixed to each one at a later date to explain the story behind each design.