Bringing history to life

A year 4 class from Grove Primary School have travelled back in time and brought the Malvern Water Cure to life by retelling it's unique development through a series of short videos they researched, scripted and filmed in front of a green screen. 

Group 4.jpg

In the week preceding the students learnt about the Water Cure using the materials and resources found in the Water Cure Loan Box, developed by Malvern Museum as part of Route to the Hills.

Karen and David, from Innovate Educate, then worked with the pupils to craft six stories about the water cure and film them in front of a Green Screen based on what they had learnt with their teacher Alison Matthews.

Students got to dress up as various Victorian characters (including Florence Nightingale!) and  use ipads to film the scripts they had been rehearsing. They developed not only historical and technical skills, but refined their literacy and collaborative skills, managing to effectively work as mini production teams.

Everyone involved were delighted with the students final work, as well as their positive attitude throughout the day, and we hope that the skills shared with teachers will allow them to continue their learning in a fun and engaging way.

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