Lights, Camera, Action!

Great Malvern: Route to the Hills recently commissioned local theatre company Perfect Circle to begin research for an exciting new play to be launched in the summer of 2017. 

Perfect Circle, who have been entertaining young and old alike since 2006, are a respected theatre company led by Lee Farley and Claire Farley, both of whom have substantial acting experience. Their company is dedicated to making theatre exciting and relevant to the local community, in particular children and young adults. Over the years they have produced a variety of  productions, workshops and educational projects, which cover everything from classical plays like Macbeth, to more contemporary pieces like 'Will you be my Homie?'

Their latest challenge is to write and direct a new play which looks at the history of Great Malvern, as remembered by those who live/have lived in the area. Over the next few months Claire and Lee will be working with schools, community groups, religious groups and care homes to record the memories and experiences that matter to them about where they live. These recollections and memories will then form part of the final production next year, which will be performed by members of the local community. 

If you wish to learn more, or are interested to get involved, please get in touch, and we will pass your details on to Lee & Claire.