Great Malvern: The Route to the Hills will offer a new way to explore Great Malvern, guiding people through the town and showcasing its heritage highlights through a series of bespoke plaques, artwork and signage. The route runs from Great Malvern station westwards through the town centre and up on to the Malvern Hills via Rosebank Gardens. Great Malvern has an exceptional range and quality of stories to tell and this scheme will, for the first time, ensure that this stunning heritage in all its breadth and depth is enjoyed by all - from first time visitors to long time residents. 

During the course of 2016 you will begin to see the following features installed along the route:

• gateway and welcome signs at key arrival locations in the town, such as car parks

 • interpretive signs at key sites

 •new and refurbished fingerposts to reinforce the route 

 •wall plaques telling the story of a particular building or feature

•marker plaques on historic buildings

 • floor and pavement plaques to define the route

 •a series of creative commissions, some quirky and uniquely Malvern, such as customised benches and new gas lamps